Creating Community and Supporting Children at Christmas


Creating Community and Supporting Children at Christmas with Amanda Bryant from Gemma

The Christmas season is filled with holiday cheer and festivities. NewChurch Live seeks to offer support, care and connection to others in all things we do. This Christmas we will be supporting children once again through Gemma services and their holiday wish list program. In this episode Pastor Chuck interviews Amanda Bryant, senior development officer at Gemma services, or as the children call her, head “elf” in Santa’s workshop.

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Amanda Bryant

About the guest

Amanda Bryant is a Senior Development Officer at Gemma Services with more than fifteen years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. She joined Gemma in 2014 and is responsible for managing the agency’s volunteer program, fostering congregational partnerships, and coordinating the donation of gifts in kind (aka “stuff”). Amanda can be reached at Abryant@gemmaservices.org or 610-825-4440 x3307.

In this Episode

We explore Gemma services and what they do for children, youth, and families. How they support the emotional and behavioral challenges of families through their 3 core programs. How Amanda serves in her role as senior development officer coordinating volunteers and supporting the gifts-in-kind program and their capstone event each year culminating in donating gifts to over 250 children allowing them to feel the magic of Christmas.

Episode timeline

Gemma's 3 core programs and a summary of what each one does.
The Christmas program and Amanda's role in its success.
Amanda's "why" and what the kids reaction typically is to the program.
The humanity of the wish list items - allowing families to experience the normalcy of the holidays.
The concept of "the better angels of our nature" and where Amanda sees that in other people.
What has been Amanda's best day of work?
The little echoes of love the children feel and how that allows love to flow through us.
How to get involved and learn more.

Key takeaways from this episode include

Why she feels as though her role is one of the most important in helping children feel loved and cared for. How Amanda experiences “the better angels of our nature” and where she sees that in other people. Amanda’s best day of work.


“When they wake up Christmas morning they experience...that they are loved and that there are gifts waiting for them”


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