People and Heaven

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The People in Heaven

In the afterlife we encounter various people who help guide us to our heavenly home. In this episode, Chuck and Curtis discuss the people you meet, how we find people with similar interests and backgrounds to settle into our spiritual home. How heaven is designed with the human form in mind and the topic of sole mates as it relates to finding our place in heaven.

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Curtis Childs

About the guest

Curtis Childs is the Vice President of programming at the Swedenborg foundation. He spends his days talking New Church Theology with people on the internet. He and his team have produced weekly webcasts through his YouTube channel "Off The Left Eye" which has accumulated over 154K subscribers and over 35 million views. He works with his team to create simple, effective inquiries into life’s biggest questions. Curtis also serves as the Executive Director for NewChurch Live supporting the mission and vision of the church as well as hosting Sunday services when Pastor Chuck is away.

Short Description

This podcast is a part one in a 3 part series on the topic of heaven. In this episode we will explore the people you meet and how we find our heavenly home.

Some key takeaways from the episode include: What happens immediately after you die, how heaven is organized, and the people and places you will end up as you find your eternal destiny.

Episode timeline

Brief background from Curtis.
What happens when you die from a Christian New Church perspective?
Is there any fear when you wake in heaven?
Who are the "fellow travelers" you meet in the afterlife?
The definition of Heaven and Hell according to New Church Theology.
Is heaven like a big city of a small town?
The human body is the image of heaven according to New Church Theology.
The inter-dependance of humanity in heaven.
Are there soul-mates in heaven?

Key Points


"Heaven is about unions where one thing is nothing without the other, but together they become something"


"Everything in this life is a reflection of heaven"


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