What Can Biblical Angels Teach Us?

Swedenborg teaches us, in Heaven and Hell, that angels were once human, just like the rest of us. 

What do we know about the afterlife? What does the Bible say about angels? What can angels teach us about the world we live in? 

Looking for answers about Biblical Angels? Join NewChurch Live at our upcoming Q&A on Angels with Curtis Childs and Pastor Chuck Blair on Monday June 17th at 7 pm EST!

Your Questions Answered

 Biblical Angels can provide insight into our own experiences. Our goal is to work together to learn more about Biblical Angels through engaging conversation, but to do that we need your help. 

At our upcoming Q&A on Biblical Angels, Curtis Childs and Pastor Chuck Blair will reflect on pre-submitted questions from our community members. Did we mention this is a LIVE Zoom event? You’ll get to hear the answers to your questions in real time. 

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It’s that easy! Of course, if you have additional questions, you’ll be able to ask them during the Q&A, but there will be limited time for questions from the live audience. The best way to ensure your questions are answered? Submit them ahead of time via the form.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

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