Enjoy Lunch with the Pastor!

On the first Sunday of each month, NewChurch Live would love to invite you, our treat, for lunch with the Pastor. Can’t make lunch? How about a virtual dinner? Pastor Chuck loves to connect with the church community and those who have questions about the church in informal settings where real conversations can happen!

If you’re searching for community or ways to connect, lunch with the pastor is a great place to start!

Whether you’re searching for a new church community, looking to reconnect, learn more, or simply explore how the church can fit into your life, we’d love for you to be our guest for lunch.

Our church community and Pastor Chuck meet on the first Sunday of each month at Bertucci’s in Huntingdon Valley at noon. There are no obligations, just good food, good people, and great conversation. There’s also no set topic; instead, the community has the opportunity to talk with Pastor Chuck about:

  • The New Church Live church community
  • Our church activities, events, and service
  • Your life, the world, your worries, your celebrations
  • Anything that’s on your mind or questions you might have

Can’t make it to Huntingdon Valley Bertucci’s? Meet us via Zoom! Zoom meals with the pastor will be the first Thursday of every month at 8pm, so please sign up. Pastor Chuck is looking forward to connecting with you and the church community wherever you may be.

Lunch with the Pastor

Lunch with the Pastor is designed to open dialogue and conversation with members of not just the faith community but also with communities near and far.

From the questioning to the deeply involved, there’s a seat at our table. If you’re ready to question, explore, and discuss with Pastor Chuck over lunch, join us!